“Caged Heart” – Mixed Media Wall Sculpture


“Caged Heart” – Mixed Media Wall Sculpture with found objects.


Caged Heart was created starting with a beautiful wood sculpture as the form. I laid clay into the piece and started carving to reveal the loose image of a woman’s body. After carving, the sculpture was fired in an electric kiln and removed when the temperature was reduced to 1100 degrees. At that crucial moment, each piece was removed and placed in sawdust to smoke to the finished color and effect. The chain was found in a salvage yard and the wood that adorns the top is from the mountains of North Carolina.
There are times that we can show our heart – and yet still know that we are protecting it from harm. The key is to always listen to your heart and let it make the decisions of the heart. She measures 36″H x 32″W.
If shipping is required I highly recommend using Roadie. Shipping will be added to the final cost of the piece.


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